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John began his HVAC career in 1980, at New Hampshire Vocational Technical College, in Manchester, NH. He has worked for nearly 37 years as, first and foremost, an HVACR technician - service and installation. In 988 John started Best Heating Company. In 1996, John created his 1st invention - a circulator flange tool, then, in 2-1/2 years invented the flanges and flanged valves that became industry standards with his License Agreements with Taco, Inc., in 1999. John has a Business Management degree from New Hampshire Technical Institute, in Concord, and a year of Mechanical Engineering studies from same. John became President of New Hampshire Inventors Association in 2000, and merged it with New Hampshire High Technology Council, in 2001. John has served as Sales Engineer for 2 years at other companies, that both down-sized and John returned to self-employment and formed Protech HVAC, LLC, in 2006 and moved to the New Hampshire Seacoast to 'set up shop.' In 2010, John invented a product line of components for the HVAC trade and manufactures them in NH, ME and MA, giving him the 2nd greatest number of product units on Forced Hot Water Heating Systems - pipe and fitting makers have more product units than John. John is a Wordpress site developer, and created this site, as well as:;; and several other sites. John has copyrighted software - Quote-Rite Job Estimating & Costing System, and Bill-Rite Invoicing System (business forms) for Tradesmen. John owns Innovative Trades Solutions, LLC, which makes his mechanical and business products. John is a writer and is penning 2 books - an autobiography and an expose on how industry players hi-jacked his flanged valve inventions. John is a musician - 5-string banjo; guitar and student of diatonic harmonica. John is an organic vegetable, and wildflower gardener.

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