“HVAC” – Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning  – is used to describe a limited range of Indoor Climate Control. Refrigerating; Humidity Control; Air Cleaning; Snow-melting; Exhaust & Makeup Air; Chimney Systems; Fuel Systems and a lot more complete the “Mechanical” realm of systems that provide  comfort, safety and systems for industrial processes. Protech is involved with designs, installations, maintenance and repairs of most system types in Residential and Commercial Buildings.


Systems Designs, Heat Loss/Heat Gain Analysis, Job Estimates, Systems Failure Analysis are all aspects of the Sales Engineer’s responsibilities to his building-owner client. Efficiency and effectiveness are also topics of interest that residential and commercial building owners should expect from a Sales Engineer. “Solutions”, simply said, are at the heart of the Sales Engineer’s commitment to his clients, and Protech is all about creative problem-solving.


Protech HVAC consults to residential and commercial building owners on all aspects of all “HVAC” systems types. When a building owner gets an estimate for HVAC work the owner rarely gets a complete picture of the scope of work. An Estimate is often confused with a Proposal. The former must precede the latter, but careful needs evaluation must be the first priority.


Consulting to Legal Teams; HVAC System Failure Analysis, Civil Action Case Work, Interrogatories and Depositions, Testimony in Small Claims, District and Superior Courts can only be done by an Expert. John Rocheleau has been deemed by Superior and District judges to be an Expert, and he has opposed degreed engineers with 100% success – every case that John has worked on resulted in a win for his client. John offers legal consulting to represented and Pro Se Clients.

HVAC Careers

Looking for a career in Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration? John can help you get started with a combination of theoretical study and hands-on, in the field, practice on actual Indoor Climate Control systems with companies in your area.

Training & Seminars

John Rocheleau provides instruction and training on Business, Sales and Technical areas for HVAC Tradesmen and Job Estimating, Job Costing and Job Billing for all Building Tradesmen.



43 Years Experience