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Protech HVAC Masterful Systems & Services

Protech HVAC Masterful Systems & Services for Residential and Commercial Building-owners and their Representatives are expressed on this and other pages on this site.

We’re different than most HVACR companies – many exploit their customers’ ignorance… we exploit our customers’ intelligence! See Protech HVAC’s Customer Letters of Recommendation.

We EXPERTLY Consult; Design; Install and Service virtually all Indoor Climate Control system types, brands, makes and models.

See our long list of HVAC services at this page.

All of our work is finished on-schedule and on-budget, and we get it
“Done Right. The 1st Time. Every Time. Guaranteed!”

We provide prompt 24/7 Emergency Service on most system types!

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View or download the “About Protech HVAC” booklet to see our qualifications/owner-John Rocheleau’s HVAC career synopsis & resume, list of HVAC Services, partial jobs portfolio and 3 Letters of Recommendation from credible customers.

More About Protech HVAC

I am the owner of Protech HVAC, LLC and became self-employed in 1988, then changed my business name to Protech in 2004 when I moved to Rye, NH. Ever since, my team has been designing & building systems to conform to any building and its owner’s and occupants’ needs – virtually everything Indoor Climate Control. You name it, if it involves moving air, water, humidity, refrigerant and temperature we can do it, expertly.

2016 marks the 36th year I’ve been in the HVAC trade and I’ve been expanding my knowledge and experience ever since. My 1st job in the trade was as an oil burner technician, for Tenney Fuels, Inc. I came across this sign in a friend’s collection and took a picture of it. The company was formed as Tenney Coal Company, in 1942, changed their name to Tenney Coal & Oil, in the ’50s, then became Tenney Fuels, Inc., after dropping coal in the early 1970s.

Tenney Coal Company - My 1st HVAC Job

Tenney Coal Company – My 1st HVAC Job

This Gravity Hot Air (GHA) heating system started its life in the late 1800s, was 1st a coal-fired furnace, then was converted to oil by “Tenney Coal & Oil”, in 1957. I cleaned the furnace in the early 80s. In 2010 I was hired to re-build it with a new burner and controls, etc., but I showed the owner how dirty the 3′ X 1′ wooden return air duct was (runs down the cellar wall at right, then becomes a trench that runs beneath the snow blower and furnace) – it had never been cleaned, and she decided to have me replace the entire system.

Sunbeam Gravity Hot Air Furnace - the systems I 1st learned inside and out.

Sunbeam Gravity Hot Air Furnace – the systems I 1st learned inside and out.

At least 50% of the heating systems I learned on were ancient hold-overs from coal-burning days that were converted to oil after WWII. Timken Rotary Burners, Iron Fireman, Winkler, GE, Kalamazoo, and the one above – a Sunbeam furnace and Quiet Heet burner – were regularly on my service call schedule. As time passed, newer systems replaced these massive, in-efficient models, and I rarely see anything like this today.

This is the Forced Hot Air (FHA) system that replaced that ole relic.

Thermo-Pride Forced Hot Air Furnace - 2010

Thermo-Pride Forced Hot Air Furnace – 2010

John Rocheleau’s HVAC Products

Today, I build the best systems my customers’ budget lets them buy, using the best products I can find, including New England Made – Innovative Trades Solutions, LLC (ITS) – products of my own design. 7 are visible (1 is hidden) in this picture.

John @ Work. Can you spot the 7 ITS Products John Invented?

John @ Work. Can you spot the 7 ITS Products John Invented?

Virtually all forced hot water heating circulators sold in America and Canada today connect to flanges and valves that incorporate features from my original inventions, that I licensed to Taco, Inc., in 1999. Read John Rocheleau’s Inventing Story.

John Rocheleau’s Flange & Valve Designs Licensed to Taco, Inc., in 1999

John Rocheleau's Flanges & Valves He Licensed to Taco, Inc.

John Rocheleau’s Flanges & Valves He Licensed to Taco, Inc.

John Rocheleau's Taco Threaded Flange Design

John Rocheleau’s Taco Threaded Flange Design

Protech HVAC Masterful Systems & Services would not be complete without our own product designs. We consistently have the 2nd greatest number of product units (the pipe/fittings maker has more) installed on our forced hot water heating systems, and every one is manufactured in NH, ME and MA! See our sister company’s website: InnovativeTradesSolutions.com.

Also, see our Made in USA Products page.

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