"What is once well done is done forever." - Thoreau

Masterful HVAC Systems and Services

Protech HVAC, LLC creates Masterful HVAC Systems and Services for Residential and Commercial building-owners and their representatives.

The term “HVAC” (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) is a general term (pronounced: a-ch-vac), and it does little to describe the broad spectrum of variation found in the Indoor (and outdoor) Climate Control/Mechanical industries that support the comfort and health of humans and other reasons of value to a multitude of interests.

If you’re seeking master-level expertise in HVAC/Indoor Climate Control, this is exactly what we do – virtually flawless System Designs, Installations, Service/Repair, Consulting, Expert Witness, Inventing and Creating, and, ultimately, Problem-solving. Our attitude is not, Anything-is-Possible, rather, Everything is Possible!

Our HVAC portfolio includes extensive projects for an original developer of Broadband Cable Modem technology standards; inventor of Nike’s sneakers with lights in the soles; executive at Bottomline Technologies; creator of 250 door handles for Bill Gates’ Washington home; creator of the CNN, ESPN, Discovery Channel, etc. logos and over 60 NOVA TV shows; a famous actress; millionaires and ordinary folks in ordinary homes, as well as Museums; Preservation Societies; Restaurants; Vineyards; Music Venues; Shittake Mushroom-growing facility; and even a Train Car with heating system designed for tours of New Hampshire.

We do HVAC-related work in New Hampshire – from the Lakes Region to the Seacoast, to the Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine borders – and further for the right job.

Protech HVAC, LLC also travels throughout the Northeastern United States for HVAC Consulting to Builders, Building Owners, Energy Auditors, Home Inspectors, Building Inspectors, Municipalities, Property Management Companies, BODs, Attorneys and their Clients.

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